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Today, the Helium Foundation is thrilled to announce its initial cohort of member companies. These members, working in concert with the Foundation, are already playing a meaningful role in advancing decentralized wireless networks. We’re very excited to welcome each of these organizations as Foundation members and continue our shared pursuit of affordable, ubiquitous wireless access to enable a more connected world.

Helium Foundation Member Ecosystem:

The Helium Foundation is a US-based 501(c)(6) non-profit organization founded in 2021 and dedicated to the education and advancement of decentralized wireless technologies. As a steward of the Helium Network, the Foundation plays a meaningful role in driving protocol governance, supporting network builders and users, educating the public about the benefits of decentralized wireless, and engineering the majority of Helium Network’s codebase and technical operations.

The success of a decentralized wireless network relies on well orchestrated collaboration and coordination. The Helium Foundation Membership Program brings together key stakeholders across hardware manufacturers, network operators, service providers, and application developers. Several members have been active since Helium’s inception, from founding company Nova Labs to some of the first commercial hardware makers and sensor deployers relying on Helium infrastructure. “Joining the Helium Foundation was a strategic step for LoneStar Tracking to leverage blockchain technology for secure, decentralized IoT connectivity, driving innovation and expanding our capabilities in asset tracking and monitoring,” said Thomas Remmert, Co-Founder of LoneStar Tracking, one of Helium’s long time solutions providers.

For 2024, the Foundation is continuing to focus on building public awareness, improving user experiences, providing more educational resources, and demonstrating Network utility through new use-cases. “The utility of Helium is best showcased through the novel products and services that run on top of the Network. Putting members front and center at industry events, media opportunities, and in our public communications, is the best way for the Foundation to advance its mission. As an industry-benefit organization, we look forward to highlighting more innovations across the Helium community,” says Scott Sigel, COO of the Helium Foundation.

Over the next quarter, the Foundation will welcome individual enthusiasts to membership. Individual contributors, such as Hotspot hosts, have played a critical role in the development of decentralized wireless. We’re excited to involve this next cohort of contributors and will share details on the application process and involvement in the coming months.

Thank you again to our newest members. We look forward to sharing Helium ecosystem and Foundation member updates with the public throughout the year.

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