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Today we spotlight LongFi, an enterprise at the forefront of bridging the connectivity divide through deployments of Helium Network coverage. Early Helium enthusiasts and co-founders Jose Torres, Andrew Warshauer, and Josh Heller at LongFi Solutions have long specialized in deploying cellular and IoT network connectivity in communities across the United States and Latin America. With the growing consensus that internet access is a human right, the Helium Foundation is proud to support its mission to grow the Helium Network.

Helium Mobile and LongFi Solutions

Helium Mobile by Nova Labs, has partnered with LongFi Solutions as one of several community builders deploying MOBILE Network gateways in Oaxaca, Mexico.

LongFi Solutions has worked closely with local communities to develop business models that make sense for them, recognizing that rural communities often face unique connectivity challenges. By partnering with national and regional ISPs as well as municipalities, LongFi Solutions addresses connectivity gaps both big and small. In Oaxaca, they engaged with local customers and businesses to understand their connectivity needs and identify target dead zones to improve customer satisfaction.

Project Goals and Execution

The goal of this partnership was to test and demonstrate the effectiveness of community-powered infrastructure in providing robust connectivity. The deployment strategically targeted underserved areas, equipping them with the necessary infrastructure to support a broad spectrum of mobile services. This initiative is not just about infrastructure deployment but also a commitment to the people of Oaxaca, bridging the connectivity gap through improved and reliable network access.

Results of the Test Deployment

The successful outcomes in Oaxaca clearly indicate the potential that decentralized wireless technology holds for the telecom industry. The quality and scope of coverage achieved through these deployments significantly improved traditional mobile services, laying a solid foundation for future service providers and network expansions.

Impact on Local Connectivity

For many residents, the arrival of Helium Mobile Hotspots has been the catalyst for change. These communities, previously hindered by unreliable mobile services, can now enjoy stable, high-speed connectivity. This improvement has catalyzed communications, broadened access to information, and created new economic opportunities — fundamental changes that contribute to the growth of the Helium Network.

The Technology Behind the Success

Devices equipped with a compatible SIM can connect to the Helium Network if there is coverage in the area through these Hotspots, for an uninterrupted and high-quality cell service.

Long Fi Solutions is at the helm, driving growth and unprecedented innovation in Mexico’s connectivity landscape. The Foundation is excited to continue working with LongFi Solutions, which has been a long-time supporter of the Helium Network.

Long Fi Solutions is committed to advancements of decentralized wireless networks and strengthening Helium’s enterprise and commercial relationships. As the Helium ecosystem continues to expand its services, the potential to alter the landscape of global connectivity is immense — and this is just the start.

Learn more about LongFi Solutions on their website: https://www.longfisolutions.com/

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