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MNTD continues their commitment to Helium Network growth with new MOBILE Hotspots

Today, the Helium Foundation is pleased to announce MNTD as the second fully approved MOBILE Hotspot Maker. This is a very exciting step for the MOBILE Network as it decentralizes the manufacturing supply side and progresses towards a healthy, competitive ecosystem of MOBILE hardware providers. The Foundation is thrilled to continue working with RAKwireless, the parent organization behind the MNTD brand and products, which has been a long-time supporter and partner to the Helium community.

Beginning as an early contributor to the IOT Network, RAKwireless demonstrated a commitment to quality products as well as the success of the Helium Network. In addition to manufacturing and distribution, the team has maintained active participation in Network governance, promotion, and education. RAK, along with its MNTD brand, played a major role in expanding LoRaWAN coverage on the Helium IOT Network.

Serving a Rapidly Growing MOBILE Network

MNTD has a history of consistently serving the Helium community and its users across their products and services. As the Helium Foundation looks to the future of the MOBILE Network, and benefits from the insights of scaling the IOT Network, we firmly believe in prioritizing commercial relationships that demonstrate long-term alignment, a commitment to customers, and shared success with the Helium community.

Affirming MOBILE Maker Approval

The Helium Foundation can assert today that MNTD has completed all necessary steps to become an approved MOBILE Hotspot maker under the HIP-53 framework. The team completed a security penetration test, which was reviewed by the Helium Foundation team with satisfactory results. MNTD received a passing vote by the Helium community of MOBILE voters, and has locked up the appropriate number of MOBILE tokens per HIP-53 guidelines.

MNTD Hotspots will be available to the public on June 6, 2024, and can be found at getmntd.com.

For questions on the MOBILE Maker Process please contact hello@helium.foundation