Introducing SenseCore: The Future of Sustainable Water Management.

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SenseCore’s mission is to harness the potential of IoT to create a sustainable and more efficient world.

Water is a finite resource, and with the global emphasis on sustainability and environmental preservation, monitoring and conserving water has never been more important. Enter SenseCore — the brainchild of Dylan Medeiros and Marcus Melanson, experienced plumbers and passionate Helium community members based in Canada.

SenseCore operates at the intersection of technology and environmental conservation. By leveraging the Helium IOT Network, which runs on the LoRaWAN wireless protocol, SenseCore provides innovative water conservation and leak detection solutions. These advancements not only benefit the environment but also help save a significant amount of money.

Their detailed monthly reports, showcasing efficiencies, and usage patterns, have become vital tools for households, businesses, and large-scale enterprises. As water bills escalate globally, these insights can prevent unpleasant surprises and save thousands of dollars. Coupled with additional services like plumbing inspections and diagnostic calls, SenseCore offers various innovative solutions.

Let’s dive into data-driven water management and explore how SenseCore utilizes Helium’s IOT Network and LoRaWAN’s wireless protocol.

The Kraken: Water Monitoring device

One of SenseCore’s unique offerings is the Kraken, a non-invasive clamp-on pipe ultrasonic flow meter. This innovative device takes water monitoring to the next level, providing real-time data insights without the need for installation by a plumber. By tracking water flow rates accurately throughout the day, the Kraken allows users to make informed decisions about their water consumption. Its seamless integration with the Helium Network ensures efficient and accurate data transmission, enabling users to monitor their water usage remotely and take proactive steps to conserve water.

Real-World Impact:

SenseCore’s water monitoring technology delivers real cost savings and sustainability for residential and commercial clients. For example, at a private residence in Cambridge, SenseCore’s Kraken device detected their water softener was malfunctioning and wasting 6.83 liters per minute. The home was estimated to lose 295,000 liters of water in over one month, costing the owners significantly high utility bills. SenseCore’s early detection resolved the issue promptly, securing major resources and financial savings.

For a community center, the Kraken monitored water flow and immediately discovered a hidden leak consuming 27 liters of water per minute. In merely two months, this would have amounted to 2.3 million liters and $11,500 in wasted water expenses. The leak was caught early by leveraging SenseCore’s technology for preventative monitoring, avoiding unnecessary economic and environmental costs.

In July 2023, SenseCore’s VITAI floor sensors detected six water leaks. The leaks had the potential to cause damages exceeding $300,000+. Thanks to VITAI, SenseCore was able to intervene early, preventing significant losses and demonstrating the power of IoT-driven protection.

“If adopted globally, this technology has the potential to monitor water usage across all sectors at a fraction of the cost and help us save water, an invaluable resource,” said Abhay Kumar, CEO of the Helium Foundation.

Decentralizing Water Data:

SenseCore, started by seasoned plumbers in Canada, innovatively merged their plumbing expertise and Water Data with the decentralized Helium Network to offer breakthrough solutions in water monitoring and leak detection. This innovation symbolizes the power of technology to transform industries, making water management efficient and accessible for all.

While plumbing solutions typically come with high costs, making them inaccessible to many, SenseCore is bridging this gap by providing resources that ensure accessibility for everyone.

There are limitless possibilities for deploying IoT water sensors worldwide, from detecting subtle leaks in residential homes to monitoring vast water infrastructure systems; the potential to deploy millions, if not billions, of sensors exists, offering unprecedented real-time insights into water usage and conservation. Imagine having immediate access to this type of helpful information on a global scale. The Helium Foundation is thrilled to witness projects like SenseCore come to light. This 100% community-driven initiative is a testament to the growing Helium ecosystem, a Network powered by the people, for the people! Learn more:

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