Network of Networks: Expanding Helium’s Vision Beyond Wireless

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Mission Update

Helium’s innovative and open protocol means that truly anyone can be a commercial radio operator, add wireless coverage to their neighborhood, and earn for their work. Early builders of the Helium Network rallied behind the notion of ‘The People’s Network’. Our community has grown at an epic pace and, together, we built the world’s largest contiguous wireless network. In doing so, the Helium Community established an expansive global footprint that is improving physical asset tracking, municipal flood detection, cellular offload, and other wireless-enabled solutions. Together, we can do more!

Two years ago, Helium introduced Network of Networks as a platform for launching complementary, distinctive, decentralized networks. The goal was to enable distinct networks to leverage the global footprint of the Helium Community and accelerate their supply-side, while the Helium Community shares in and benefits from the value accrual across a diverse set of utility networks.

Decentralized networks are the missing link to ubiquitous, resilient physical infrastructure networks. The Helium Foundation believes this community is advantageously positioned to support the launch of other location-dependent networks beyond wireless. Today, the Foundation is excited to formally expand the mission of its scope beyond decentralized wireless to decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs). Doing so will increase value to the community and all the beneficiaries of cost-effective open networks.

“Network of Networks” Beyond Wireless

The physical network and social coordination established by the Helium Community is an incredible asset with value that extends far beyond wireless services. The DePIN subsector is quickly establishing itself as the most practical and exciting use-case for crypto. What began with decentralized wireless has expanded to networks for compute, storage, mobility, mapping, and much more. As a large segment of DePIN relies on geographic distribution, these networks can, and will, scale faster through an existing community that boasts a global physical footprint with active social coordination to support applications that require human scale. That community is Helium.

The Network of Networks conversation, that started in 2022, has been validated. While the MOBILE Network scales alongside IOT, the Helium Network is an ideal launchpad and coordination layer for new DePINs beyond wireless. On a recurring basis we see how much symbiosis exists between Helium and other DePINs; consider DIMO as a recent example. Together, we can go beyond collaborations. Aligned subnetworks introduce community benefits like multi-mining to diversify the Helium Community while derisking the supply side build-out for new networks. New subnetworks will run through the full Helium Network governance process. Regardless, the Helium Foundation will continue to collaborate with any long-term aligned DePIN as it fits in with our organization’s expanded mission.

Network of Networks has a multiplier effect and allows for a wider range of users and devices. New subnetworks can share resources, such as bandwidth, storage and computing power, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. Network of Networks is a platform for innovation, allowing new applications and services to be developed and deployed across multiple networks. This will benefit the entire community and increase the value of our shared physical network. All while supporting our original mission of ubiquitous connectivity.

Vision for the Future

Over the coming weeks, the community will be unveiling several new subnetwork proposals. Teams are coming to the Helium Network, not merely because of its wireless capabilities, but also because of its role as a facilitator and enabler of community-driven infrastructure — of DePIN. The Network’s vision extends beyond traditional wireless paradigms. Helium is a Network of Networks where the community itself is a launchpad for diverse, decentralized infrastructure projects. This approach leverages Helium’s existing coordination layer and physical footprint to power a decentralized ecosystem beyond wireless with multi-purpose hardware and applications.

As we reimagine the future of open networks, Helium invites stakeholders to join us in shaping a world where every Helium Network footprint contributes not just to a single network but to a vibrant Network of Networks. Together, we are pioneering the next generation of decentralized infrastructure — where utility, creation, and community, all thrive together.


Interested in learning more about DePIN and building on the Helium Network? Whether you’re looking to develop an existing use case or start from scratch, the Helium Foundation is here to help.

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